Personalizando tu Android: Wallpaper

Continuando en la corriente de la personaliazacion en este post les traigo una recopilacion de los mejores pack’s de Wallpapers para Android que he encontrado en la web.

Wallpapers Cars

Cars fast, powerful and beautiful. They are sports, trucks, mini cars and many others. "Wallpapers cars" category is where you will find many cars shaped like wallpaper for your desktop "desktop". There you can find many cars from the famous to the not so famous (but those that have value and are not to be missed). You can turn your desktop "desktop" in a fast sports car.

Wallpapers Womans

Man and Lords of the Earth. Wallpaper people are basically "photo models" celebrities from show business and social life and political personalities. If you want to see wallpapers with photo models of women here is your place. Go and enjoy the beauty of women.

Wallpapers Holidays

Wallpaper with your favorite holiday Christmas, New Year and many others. Login and choose the right wallpaper for your desktop "desktop" every holiday you celebrate. Create atmosphere and mood of the wallpaper in our gallery wallpapers. Let your desktop "desktop" to forward the holiday feeling expressed by wallpaper-and make you and people who notice your desktop to feel more festive.

Wallpapers Abstract

Abstract art is something that will be understood by everyone but that does not stop to check our wallpapers category. Different people have different perspective on things. They show the world around them in a different way than we are used to show us. Characteristic is that the image is seen through the eyes of the very author of wallpaper-a.

Wallpapers & wallpaper

Here are these wallpapers, which do not belong to a certain category and can integrate into a number. If you want a variety that is definitely your category and your desktop "desktop" if you need a free "free" wallpaper.

Wallpapers Dragon

Wallpapers Korn Carton